ActiveMQ Artemis Container Image
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Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Container Image

This is a container Image of Apache ActiveMQ Artemis that can be used inside Kubernetes.

Environment variables

Environment variables determine the options sent to artemis create on first execution of the Docker container. The available options are:


The administrator username. The default is artemis.


The administrator password. The default is artemis.


Set to true to allow anonymous logins. The default is false.


Additional arguments sent to the artemis create command. The default is --http-host --relax-jolokia. Setting this value will override the default. See the documentation on artemis create for available options.

Final broker creation command:

The combination of the above environment variables results in the script calling the following command to create the broker instance the first time the Docker container runs:

${ARTEMIS_HOME}/bin/artemis create --user ${ARTEMIS_USER} --password ${ARTEMIS_PASSWORD} --silent ${LOGIN_OPTION} ${EXTRA_ARGS}

Note: LOGIN_OPTION is either --allow-anonymous or --require-login depending on the value of ANONYMOUS_LOGIN.

Mapping point

  • /var/lib/artemis-instance

It's possible to map a folder as the instance broker. This will hold the configuration and the data of the running broker. This is useful for when you want the data persisted outside of a container.

Lifecycle of the execution

A broker instance will be created during the execution of the instance. If you pass a mapped folder for /var/lib/artemis-instance an image will be created or reused depending on the contents of the folder.

Running the image

The image just created in the previous step allows both stateless or stateful runs. The stateless run is achieved by:

$ docker run --rm -it -p 61616:61616 -p 8161:8161 artemis-centos 

The image will also support mapped folders and mapped ports. To run the image with the instance persisted on the host:

docker run -it -p 61616:61616 -p 8161:8161 -v <broker folder on host>:/var/lib/artemis-instance artemis-centos 

where <broker folder on host> is a folder where the broker instance is supposed to be saved and reused on each run.